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Le-tehnika is a world leader in production of telephone accessories.

In total we produce over 300 products with nearly 3000 variants. All the products are a result of our own developement and production. We have a group of R&D team with more than 15 years of experience.





In our program you can find high quality products like:

- ADSL splitters, VDSL splitters and micro filters (Annex A, Annex B, Combo)
- Overvoltage protectors (3rd protection)
- Telephone cables, adapters (for all European countries) and spiral cords
- Patch cables
- ISDN and CAT5 products
- Wall jacks for analog and ISDN lines
- PCB modular jacks, modular plugs
- Line testers for ISDN and analog lines
- Telephone sets


 We produce small series and protorun in Slovenia, mass production is in China.

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