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Code: 1EA141
Easily read corect pin configuaration of 10base1, 10base2, RJ45, RJ11 ...
Code: 1RA370
Include cable tester, crimping and stripping tool, pinch down tool and lots of accessories.
Code: 1EA680
Cable tracer is designed to trace wires without damaging the instalations and much more.
Code: 1EA560
Multifuncional tester with LCD display enables to show wire maps and combination of pairs and their lenghts. It also measure the lenght until the broken line / cable.
Code: 1TA701
Self-powered, portable telephone test set for use by servicemen that are providing installation, ...
Code: 1EA065
ISDN line checker shows the correctness of your ISDN So bus line connections. Indication of the problem is presented with 4 LED.
Codes: 1EA050, 1EA054, 1EA055, 1EA056
Line tester is suitable for all instalers installing telephone equipement on POTS line.
Code: 1RA470
Cable tracer is designed to trace wires without damaging the instalations.
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